Hosting and Colocation (English)

You handle critical data that need an improved security level ? You need reliable and efficient hosting facilities ?

Développer des services Internet

From its very beginning, XSALTO based its products as relying on an efficient and secure hosting facility, delivering various services.

To date, XSALTO runs datacenters integrating multiples technologies and managed by a full-time team of experts.

Our datacenters provide hosting, secured, monitored services and data hosting. Service level comes from simple colocation services to fully managed services.

Key data

6 system, network and security experts

3 datacenters

multi Gbits bandwidth

800 servers hosted.
more than 3 Po hosted data.

Efficient hosting and colocation facilities

Innovation and Service Level

We use the best available technologies to guarantee an excellent service availability as long as an adequate service functionality.

An end-to-end control

XSALTO applies a quality policy including a network operation center for controling every aspects of the hosting facilities

24x7 network operation center
 99,99 % observed service level
 99,998 % observed application availability

A high level of quality, flexible and reliable facilities, value added services, serving your services

Our Credo : reliability and independance,

XSALTO operates two modular platforms, adapted to our customer requirements. Critical services can be operated as high availablity services.

XSALTO focus on control equipements in order to check hosting facilities and to schedule preventive and corrective maintenance as early as possible.

On the network side, we selected the best IP Transit Providers to provide your services excellent latency, network reliability and speed.

Technical skills

Networks and security
Operating systems

Hosting solutions

Colocation, rack space, suites
Virtual private servers
Managed virtual private servers

Other services

Antispam dedicated servers
Messaging services


Reliable data delivery

IP Transit

XSALTO operates its own BGP routers, in order to keep control of the routing policies. This gives us the hability to manage load balancing, as well as anti DDoS.

As a RIPE Small ISP, we are engaged in making a fair use of the IP Classes.


Reliable and stable electric power supply (inverters and power generators). Service contracts for every equipments.

Multilevel redundancy rules : electrical redundancy, redundant firewalls, IP transit, local network, messaging services, DNS servers, routing services, backup services.

Datacenters are more than 10 kms away from each other and connected with an optical loop, making possible high performances backups and high availability services.

XSALTO professionals are experts in managing virtual systems and manage daily VM Ware and KVM farms, supporting most of the services.


Firewalls, antivirus technologies

State of the art security, antivirus and antispam systems protect servers, messaging services.


Data backups are centralized onto backup servers with incremental and full backup polycies. Backup are controlled manually every day.

Monitoring and control

Access control

Badge access control system; Access logging. Video and audio control of the hosting facilities. Escorted access only.

Monitoring 24x7

Services are monitored 7 days a week and the network operation center operates whenever events are detected, in less than 2 hours.

Hotline 24x7

Depending on the SLA you subscribed, you can work with networks and systems engineers, 24x7. Urgency hotline telephone numbers are provided.

Application management

We can also deliver application management services, depending on technologies you run. Please get in contact for more information.

Product Features

FULL SLA. Our SLA guarantees high global network availability.

FULL RACK. We offer a full, half or quarter rack. The rack includes a cross connect to IP Transit.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Technical expertise is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

MONITORING. All data centers are monitored 24x7, as is our network.

Product Types

Brute Force. Colocation and low service offer, for those who want to manage fully their facilities.

Dedicated servers. Dedicated servers can be delivered, managed of not. In this case we can also provided different levels of services : security, backup, etc.

Virtual Private Servers. As for Dedicated Servers, virtual servers can be managed or not. If managed, you gain access to a 24x7 hotline.

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